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Paul as part of the Fashion Week?

Posted by zu_ on 2012.02.11 at 23:29
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I couldnt find the date anywhere though Google says it was just posted yesterday, but this blog: http://www.bullettmedia.com/article/a-preview-of-new-york-fashion-weeks-essential-parties/ mentions Paul as part of a party with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem?) Anyway, Im not even sure the Fashion Week is right now in NYC (have no idea about fashion and related issues) but well:

When it comes to throwing parties during Fashion Week, Nur Khan and Scott Lipps are two people who know what they’re doing. Lipps, who heads ONE Model Management, has teamed up with Vs magazine for a party at Khan’s subterranean lair the Electric Room, in the basement of the Dream Downtown. At last season’s party, Lipps jumped on the drums to back Courtney Love at Hiro Ballroom. This year, Helena Christensen will play host, and Electric Room regular James Murphy will continue his retirement tour behind the decks, and he’ll be joined by Christensen’s on-again off-again, Interpol’s Paul Banks.

Recent Paulena picture

Posted by obspecialist on 2012.02.05 at 15:21

From January 23, 2012 in NYC
I wonder what is under that beanie

Paul's twitter??

Posted by lulu2210 on 2012.02.05 at 01:39

Is this twitter account real?? I mean this is his account? https://twitter.com/#!/vmajorpaul

I don't think it is. This persons writes: -When my infant daughter sleeps, I can tell when she's dreaming. She moves all about. What do infants dream  of?-

Like... Paul has a kid???

I just want  to know what do you think  



contradictory man in NYC

Posted by zu_ on 2011.10.20 at 23:41
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I mean: Paul, an sports outfit and a cigarrette in your hand? Way to go boy!! :-p Also, what´s wrong with Helena's face? :-O

watch the rest here: http://forums.thefashionspot.com/showpost.php?p=9822059&postcount=930


still a friend, still around...

Posted by zu_ on 2011.10.09 at 22:09
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Enjoying life in the Malvines.... as Soda Stereo would say: "porque no puedo ser del jet-set!" :-p He should buy some beach clothes, I mean, seriously....


at the same time (or few days before...) in NYC and still being known as "the friend"... after all this years... Oh well... behind a powerful women... what was it? :-p (sorry, no biggies)

emo  jack

omg sexual

Posted by daydreamily on 2011.09.09 at 23:04
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~feast your eyes~Collapse )

Posted on Helena's blog...

Posted by katonacid on 2011.07.11 at 18:23



nearly pointless post

Posted by crookedrain on 2011.04.22 at 19:22
is this comm dead or..? I guess I came here way too late haha.

um.. here are some pictures so this post isn't 100% pointless.

and here's how his hair looks like now:



Interview with Paul...

Posted by lastniteshesaid on 2011.01.13 at 20:06

An Open Letter to Paul:

Dear Paul,

Grow your fucking hair back. The effect that you now have on my panties, isn't what it once was.


V (the crazy bitch who started this community)

Paulito kills time playing softball

Posted by save_me_xenu on 2010.12.11 at 18:53
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What is that look he does at the end?

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