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[M] it shouldn't hurt me to be free

Interpol on TV this week

Posted by viklovinthorpe on 2010.10.29 at 22:51
Here are some Interpol related things that I saw on TV this week:

-One of the last songs featured in this week's episode of 90210 was The Undoing.

-Another clip from the interview MTV news Canada did with Paul Banks was aired as part of a segment of bands talking about band merchandise. Aired on October 20, 2010, Paul says:
"people forgot to pay for CDs, but I was like I don't think people have forgotten how to pay for sweaters and wrist bands and stuff"
"I get it, you know when the public kind of starts to look at the major label structure or the label structures as this sort of evil beast. They did, they over did it at times, and they did charge people too much money. So I think people should be mindful of not you know screwing their fans over, ever, but I think there does have to be some kind of balance, again, about actual money changing hands in this business."

the clip is the 3rd video in the episode aired on October 20th 2010


Posted by vip_incognito on 2010.09.27 at 09:24
On their recent European tour, Helena Christensen was at the London show and she apparently travelled and was with the band in Paris (regarding her pictures taken and published on her blog : http://www.christyandhelena.com/). She probably attended the U2 shows but she wasn't at the Trabendo concert whereas Christy, Sam's wife and Helena's friend was there
Someone told me that she's been introduced to him as Paul's girlfriend in London. Surprising as she's mentioned as his ex in various interviews of Paul. Are they hiding? 

[M] it shouldn't hurt me to be free

Paul Banks on MTV news last night

Posted by viklovinthorpe on 2010.08.17 at 11:05
MTV News Canada interviewed Paul. They chatted about him taking voice lessons, and how he doesn't keep in touch with Carlos..

You can watch here:

It aired August 16.

Interpol Unveil Their New Look

Posted by onebigtrophe on 2010.08.12 at 16:50


Live Review
  • Date: Aug 10 2010
  • City: Toronto, ON
  • Venue: Kool Haus
  • Rating: 4 / 5
Interpol's Paul Banks (Photo by Jeff Jewiss)

In terms of "show" you don't ever expect much from an Interpol concert. The NYC post-punkers are so stoic, when frontman Paul Banks clears his throat between songs, it could be considered stage banter. But that doesn't mean there wasn't much to look forward to from the band's Kool Haus gig.

First off, it was a chance to sneak peak at material from the band's upcoming album, the creatively titled Interpol, out Sept. 7. It was also a chance to judge how the new guys — bassist David Pajo (Slint and more) and keyboardist Brandon Curtis (Secret Machines) — are making out, having replaced the dearly departed founding bassist Carlos D. (he of the fancy outfits)

Mostly, though, it was a chance to see them again in a club setting instead of in a stadium opening for U2, which is where they would have been playing if Bono hadn't been out of commission with a slipped disc.

Really, you don't go to see Interpol for pizzazz and pyro or a singer who can do the splits. It's all about mood. And all it took was the blue lights, some dry ice and the opening chords of "Success" (the lead track on the new record) to set the tone for the gloomy but glorious next 90 minutes. The set was a mix of fan favourites from the early days (i.e., not much from 2007's contentious major label release Our Love To Admire) and selections from the new record, which will apparently provide more twisted romance and bleak break-up anthems for the doomed.

What of Carlos' absence? Well, Pajo is no showboat, but he can keep the rhythm just fine. And now that you don't need to focus on enjoying Carlos' hair you can appreciate how much guitarist Daniel Kessler actually moves around. Was the band extra reserved as a result of the line-up change? Perhaps. But the crowd didn't seem to mind.

"Lights," the first track from the new disc to be released earlier this year (with a must-see sexy sci-fi fetishist video to boot) has clearly been spinning in a lot of iPods: cheers when up for its intro, turning to widespread clapping of the beat throughout.

In fact, after bit of the usual Toronto audience apathy, there was a lot of handclapping going on throughout the last half of the show. (One can imagine drummer Sam Fogarino thinking, "Just hang on, I've got that covered. What is this, a Sloan concert?") For despite the dour nature of some of the music, the deep reds of the lighting, the smoke machine and the detached demeanour of the members, there's something rather joyful about Interpol, and the Toronto crowd was feeling it.

By the encore, the slow-burn "NYC" building into the raucous frenzy of "Slow Hands," it was verging on dance party. Fogarino seemed to appreciate that: he stepped up to the mic on his way off the stage to offer "Fuck Montreal." At an Interpol show, that's as exciting of a spontaneous rant as you're going to get.


Interpol Album Leaked!

Posted by the_minsk on 2010.08.01 at 17:55
I don't know who would be interested in the leaked version of the new album, but here is the link I used.

Just thought I'd share! Enjoy!

Interpol (2010)


white shoes!

Posted by find_your_love on 2010.07.31 at 22:38

in case you missed it!

aand paul, we talked about the white shoes honey :x


Interpol at Toad's Place, 7/24/10

Posted by the_minsk on 2010.07.25 at 14:09
Hello everyone. This is my first time posting here, and I thought I might share some pics I got of last night's performance at Toad's Place, in New Haven CT. The show was amazing, and they sounded so tight, even with the new bassist. They performed FOUR new songs from the new album: Success, Lights, Summer Well and Barricade. My favorites were Lights and Success, and I can't wait to hear how the other songs sound on the album.

So enjoy the shots. Paul was looking mighty fine.

what do you think about the new interpol video?

Posted by isa18 on 2010.07.11 at 13:48
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I think it pure sex
and it's weird

Nino Timido

Track listing for the new Interpol album

Posted by denglerino on 2010.07.07 at 11:02
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From the NEWS page on www.interpolnyc.com

01 Success
02 Memory Serves
03 Summer Well
04 Lights
05 Barricade
06 Always Malaise (The Man I Am)
07 Safe Without
08 Try It On
09 All of the Ways
10 The Undoing

The self-titled album has a release date of Sept 13, 2010.

oh no, fun

Paul @ the Airport

Posted by tuningsolo10 on 2010.06.28 at 11:05
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Does anyone here know when this happened?

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